Total Lunar Eclipse of January 21

Finish the day with a sweet, relaxing connection with your beloved. Friday is super-charged with powerful alignments to produce results. The cardinal, action-oriented Libra Moon makes a benefic trine to the Sun in Aquarius. Mars and Jupiter, strong in their ruling fire signs, Aries and Sagittarius respectively, perfect into a benefic trine at a. PST, setting the whole day in fast motion. Plan ahead to make the most of this strong, capable, positive energy.

We can ride the wave of the high-energy Mars-Jupiter trine the rest of the weekend. This aspect may bring frustrating circumstances, while it also is powerful energy for change and accomplishment. Use this dynamic energy wisely and carefully. Slow down your tendency to charge ahead forcefully. When the Moon is in Scorpio, we want to withdraw into ourselves and take some time for solitude. The cosmic energy also fosters research and problem-solving.

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The Moon continues to shine in Scorpio on Monday, but is more relaxed. A benefic Moon-Pluto sextile will help us lean into the work week with strength and resolve. Sunday : Total Full Moon eclipse with many planetary energies at play. Expect the unexpected, and keep your life simplified. Monday : Tense morning, followed by a more playful and optimistic afternoon and evening.

Tuesday : Excitement and possibilities. Reach for the stars. Wednesday : Time to clean up and put order in your life. Address health habits. Thursday : Power through the tasks before you. Moon VoC all day a. Friday : Super-charged, high energy day. Plan ahead and get a lot accomplished. Saturday : Powerful, dynamic, perhaps frustrating energy; use it wisely and carefully. Sunday : Take some time alone for research, reflection, or problem-solving.

Monday : Lean into a powerful work week with strength and resolve. Invite someone to dinner who is from a different culture or has a different religion. Express appreciation to your in-laws. Plan your next long-distance trip or make a wish list. Read a book about a far-away country, culture, or religion. Expand your knowledge of metaphysics. Write—to publish.

Visit a religious art exhibit. Explore a philosophy through a book, book-on-tape, or a lecture. Take a hike Sagittarius rules the thighs. Venus in Sagittarius is idealistic in love: read some love poems that transport you to the ideal! Moon Void-of-Course: This is the time when the Moon makes its last major angular aspect with a planet before it moves into the next zodiacal sign tropically.

Purchases made during void Moons often turn out to be unsatisfactory and not work out. We more easily get lost or meander in trying to get somewhere. The VoC Moon times for the next month are listed below so that you can plan meetings, decisions, and purchases at times when the Moon is not VoC; and use the void times for gardening, reading, and routine task work.

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Skip to content. Moon into Leo Tuesday, January p. Moon into Virgo Thursday, January a. Moon into Libra Saturday, January p. Moon into Scorpio Monday, January 28 at p. Moon into Sagittarius Thursday, January p. Moon into Capricorn Sunday, February 3: a.

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It indicates setting aside the ego and talking straight from the heart. This retrograde will begin with Leo and will end in Cancer. You may feel the communication gap between you and the people you love at this time. Be ready to face the ugly secrets or misbehaviors from your dear ones. This eclipse is only two degrees away from the planet Pluto. And Pluto symbolizes intensity, secrets, and depths.

It may shake you up emotionally.

1. The motions in the sky

This may bring severe conflict in your personal life. However, if you see it positively, it will help transform you dramatically. Consider this a significant insight and a rare astronomical event of Mercury, a planet which influences communication, and Scorpio is a sign which needs a real straightforward relationship. When Mercury and Scorpio gel together, be ready for the exposure of dirty messes you created! You will come face to face with your previous betrayals and will deal with honesty issues.

Retrograde will push you to face your darkness. It will create a real, tough time for all of us. Dates: December 2, — December 20, Jupiter brings expansion energy with it. And Capricorn is best in perseverance. You must seed the ambitious plans during this phase. You will have the wise vision and promising long-term results with the blessings of Jupiter.

All your hard work and dedication will bring success soon. Just make a concrete plan and adhere to it during this transit.

The Goat energy is best in your support till Date: December 15, Future occurrence: Fasten the seat belt and get ready to explore new territories! Jupiter, with the expansion energy, will push you to go forward. And Uranus is a revolutionary planet. These two celestial bodies will force you to go out of your comfort zone, take risks, and be brave to ride the new path.

This transformation may bring new exciting opportunities in your lap. This eclipse will be the association of Jupiter in Capricorn.

Blood Moon astrology: How January's Blood Moon will affect YOUR star sign

And it will also be trine to the planet Uranus in the Zodiac Taurus. This brings the perfect year ending! It signals if you plan and work according to cosmic indications you will be on receiving ends by the end of the year. Make sure you work enough to secure your place in this world, and the Universe will give you all you needed in manifolds. Consider this as a chance to design your best annual plan in sync with all upcoming astrological events.

Grab the infinite celestial help to manifest your dream life and allow the planets to work on your growth! Looking for something? Jupiter square Neptune Date: January 13, June 16, September 21 Future occurrence: Neptune gives illusionary insights, and Jupiter brings expansion energy when its aspects. After 21st September, you should not worry about these misleading energies till 3.

Saturn sextile Neptune Dates: January 31, June 18, November 8 Future occurrence: Neptune is idealistic by nature and will give you a blurry view of your future.

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  • Uranus enters Taurus Date: March 6 Taurus loves steady things. Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn Date: July 16 Be ready to face the ugly secrets or misbehaviors from your dear ones. Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio Dates: October 31 — November 20 Mercury, a planet which influences communication, and Scorpio is a sign which needs a real straightforward relationship.

    Jupiter enters Capricorn Dates: December 2, — December 20, Jupiter brings expansion energy with it. Jupiter trine Uranus Date: December 15, Future occurrence: Fasten the seat belt and get ready to explore new territories! Related Post.